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Non-Destructive Testing

NDV/Testing/Evaluations Inspections
PK Welding, LLC is devoted to offering our customers a full and complete mechanical service. To help achieve this, we have developed a full range of non-destructive examination services.

Whether you would like to penetrant test an existing weldment for suspected leaks or perform a complete boiler evaluation to determine useful life expectancy. Our Level II and III NDE technicians are trained and certified in accordance to ASNT SNT-TC-1A documents and are fully prepared to service your needs.

Some of the NDE procedures our technicians perform on a regular basis are:

• Liquid penetrant examination
• Visual examination
• Remote visual examination
• Magnetic practical examination (dry and wet florescent)
• Ultra sonic examination (sheer wave and thickness readings)
• Radiograph examination
• Metallurgical and scale analysis